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School Storage Solutions

Schools need storage solutions that are built to last, easy to maintain and able to seamlessly enhance educational environments – so we’ve designed a range to do just that. Ensuring refined practicality and style with every unit, our extensive range of school storage units includes lockers, cupboards and shelving solutions fit for a vast range of educational environments – from primary schools and colleges to classrooms and playgrounds.

With over 30 years of experience supplying high-quality storage solutions to the education sector, we know that freeing up space in schools is no easy feat. That’s why our range of school lockers, cupboards and shelves are specifically manufactured with educational environments in mind, ensuring an efficient use of space, minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional durability to withstand the rigours of life on campus.

Bespoke solutions with a professional finish

We fully recognise that every school has unique requirements when it comes to storage, which is why our school storage units boast maximum adaptability to provide educational institutions with bespoke solutions that meet their specific needs.

What’s more, our CRB checked and qualified installation team offer a professional onsite installation service, with each member boasting extensive experience in school environments – meaning they’re able to effectively accommodate a diverse range of building design and layouts. Together, this ensures a thoroughly tailored storage solution for your educational space.

Shop our extensive range of school lockers, cupboards and shelving storage solutions below to discover cost-effective, problem-solving storage options for an array of educational environments.

Robust lockers for every space

School lockers are a key part of optimising security on campus for students and staff alike – and within our school storage range, you’ll find a choice of premium quality school lockers that cater for every environment and budget.

We know that providing effective classroom storage for students is all about achieving maximum functionality in minimal space – keeping reliability, versatility and affordability at the forefront of the design. With that in mind, our Atlas steel lockers come in a broad range of sizes and colours to meet the naturally diverse requirements of your students – from high lockers for taller students to smaller, colourful lockers for younger students.

Better still, with each locker boasting a uniquely robust design, the risk of damage is kept to a minimum (and we’re sure we don’t need to tell you how important that is in schools). These lockers also feature an antibacterial painted finish, making it easier to maintain the highest hygiene standards – keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum.

If you’re looking for an outdoor storage solution in your school, college or university, look no further than our eXtreme plastic lockers. Manufactured from hard-wearing high-density polyethylene, the undentable construction of these incredibly durable lockers makes them perfect for placement outdoors under a canopy – enabling you to utilise the limited space inside more creatively.

Available in three different size options and a broad spectrum of colours, the modular design of these lockers means they can be stacked to best suit the general layout of school playgrounds and campuses. With a 7-year warranty, you can rest assured these lockers will provide a damage, weather and corrosion-resistant storage solution for your educational space.

Heading back inside, our solid grade laminate lockers provide practical storage solutions for changing rooms and classrooms alike. Their tough, rust-proof properties make these SGL lockers perfect for changing facilities where exposure to damp is common – while their exceptional impact and vandal resistance means they’re able to deliver a strong and secure storage option in busy educational settings.

Cupboards and shelving for classroom storage, utility rooms and more

Within our school storage range, you’ll also find a diverse selection of cupboards and shelving solutions available to provide a holistic approach to school storage – ensuring every area of your educational space is locked and loaded with the storage equipment it needs.

When it comes to keeping essential first aid equipment out of reach and secure, our first aid cupboards are made for the job. With a recognisable symbol, these sturdy steel cupboards are powder-coated with Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial paint for optimal hygiene, and feature ‘no snag’ handles as well as a 2-point locking system for added peace of mind. Supplied in sizes from 900mm x 900mm up to 1800mm x 900mm, these cupboards can be placed on the floor or mounted on walls with their pre-drilled holes depending on your requirements.

We also stock utility cupboards and key storage units, which are the ideal addition to storerooms and school reception areas – ensuring essential cleaning and maintenance items, stationery supplies and campus keys are neatly and securely stowed away. With a diverse array of storage cupboards on offer, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need to ensure you can stay on top of the necessary health and safety regulations, maintenance and safeguarding associated with educational spaces.

On top of all that, we also offer a variety of shelving solutions suited to educational environments, including EkoFit hygienic shelving primed for storing foods in school kitchens. FDA certified for direct contact with food, these robust shelves feature anodised aluminium frames and wipe-clean plastic shelves – making them ideal for storing dried goods or fresh produce in walk-in chillers. Supplied in an assortment of sizes, these shelves can be slotted into any size space with quick, easy assembly.

In this range, you’ll also find our flagship range of Supershelf shelving bays, which are perfect for storing stationery supplies, documents, files and more. These galvanised steel school shelving units offer a strong and durable storage option for schools – and with a variety of different sizes available, they can seamlessly adapt to even the most awkward of spaces. 

Beyond high-quality cupboards and shelving units, we also supply waste and recycling bins to encourage best practices when it comes to waste disposal. Put simply, whatever your school’s unique storage needs, we’ve got them well and truly covered.

Design and installation services

If you’d like to see how schools are already reaping the benefits of our high-quality student storage lockers, and how our school storage units can be integrated into real-life educational environments, check out a selection of case studies right here.

If you’re still unsure of which school storage solutions will best fit your facilities and budget requirements, don’t fret. We’ll visit your site to conduct a free, no-obligation survey of the environment – giving you a bespoke quote based on your unique space so you can enjoy the benefits of bespoke storage.

To find out more about our range of school lockers and storage solutions, give us a call on 01908 525700 or email us at sales@action-storage.com today. You can also fill out our contact form here at any time and a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Worried about costly delivery? With free delivery across mainland UK on all of our products, you can count on timely shipping that doesn’t cost the earth.

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