In busy warehouses, delivery depots, commercial garages and other industrial environments, workbenches are an essential installation. As well as providing the necessary work areas for staff to carry out manual tasks efficiently and effectively, they also allow you to maximise your use of floor space, which is often at a premium.

Whether you need workbenches for packing and order processing, carrying out manual tool work or storing heavy equipment, our diverse range of heavy-duty workbenches includes practical solutions well-equipped to perform in these demanding environments.

Prioritising staff comfort and safety

When it comes to choosing the right workbenches for your business, putting your staff’s comfort and safety first is a must – and with our state-of-the-art range of professional workbenches, you can do just that.

Sturdy, durable and complete with features and accessories galore, these workbenches are certain to become an indispensable part of any production, assembly or warehouse environment.

Designed to optimise user comfort and productivity while manual tasks are carried out, all of our Treston workbenches are height-adjustable – meaning each bench can be adapted to suit the worker or the task being performed. Better yet, this means that any components, tools and assembly guides can be kept within easy reach. An ergonomic workspace helps to protect the health of your staff, allowing tasks to be performed more comfortably while reducing the risk of strain-related injuries and absenteeism.

From our standard Treston TP workshop tables to our mobile workbenches, we design and manufacture a variety of industry-leading heavy-duty workbenches – helping you find all the essentials you need to prioritise staff health and safety.

Customised options to suit you

As one of the UK’s leading storage suppliers, we understand that every business and working environment is unique, and often requires flexible solutions – which is exactly what you’ll get with any one of our premium-quality workbenches.

Most of our industrial workbenches are modular, meaning they can be customised to suit the task being carried out – further improving the productivity of your team and, in turn, the profitability of your business. Modular workstations also allow shelves and other components to be constructed on top of the unit, maximising the use of vertical space when you need to.

With a solid metal frame, these heavy-duty workbenches are primed to deliver a sturdy workstation day in, day out. They’re also available in a broad range of sizes and weight capacities, meaning you can select the most appropriate design for you in accordance with your space and requirements.

Available in sizes ranging from 700mm x 500mm up to an impressive 1800mm x 900mm, and with a choice of either 150kg or 300kg weight capacity, our standard Treston TP Workbench provides the ideal entry-level option – which is equally at home used as a garage workbench or a packing station.

If optimising vertical storage space is an essential consideration, our Height Adjustable Treston TPH Workbench features a strong, double-sized rear frame with a raised adjustable shelf. These units come in sizes ranging from 1200mm x 700mm up to 1800mm x 900mm, and can hold up to 3000kg of weight – providing ample storage space to keep essential tools and equipment close to hand. This workbench reaches its full potential when combined with its own range of accessories, including additional lower shelf options, to create a fully equipped workstation.

In addition to static workbenches, we also supply Treston SAP mobile workshop benches, which can hold up to 150kg of weight and come in three different size options: 700mm x 500mm, 1000mm x 700mm and 1500mm x 700mm. With a height-adjustable worktop and wheels, these professional workstations offer a quick and easy way to move projects between static workbenches (TP and TPH), or around working environments such as technical workshops and garages.

Premium solutions you can rely on

Across all of our storage products, we adhere to the highest quality standards to deliver premium solutions you can trust – while also providing the flexibility your business needs when it comes to installing workbenches.

With our warehouse workbenches, your business and employees can reap the benefits of these key features:

  • Modular workbenches provide incredible flexibility and can greatly increase productivity
  • Components include shelves, perforated panels, tool and lighting supports, cable channels, storage bin containers, and more – please get in touch for more details
  • Modular workbenches are ideal for a wide range of sectors, including technical, manufacturing, medical & heavy industries
  • Adjustable height workstations reduce fatigue on workers and can be an important health and safety requirement in some industries
  • The Treston range can be height adjusted using only an allen key
  • With a 25mm-thick laminated particle board surface, the Treston units should endure decades of use in the harshest of conditions

Shop our complete range of professional, heavy-duty workbenches online now to find practical, affordable solutions for kitting out your warehouse, garage or other industrial environment with trustworthy workbenches.

From our standard TP workstations to mobile units, we know you’ll find everything you need right here – and if you need any assistance before placing your order online, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01908 525700 or send us an email.

Whether you need product information or you’d like to discuss your unique requirements in more detail with one of our experts, we’re always happy to help.

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