Trucks and Trolleys

Whether you’re moving goods around a busy warehouse floor, restocking retail shelves or shifting office supplies, our diverse range of trucks and trolleys provide practical solutions for safely and efficiently transporting items between locations.

From traditional hand trucks for lifting heavy, bulky items to lightweight, flexible shelf trolleys, finding the option you need to move items couldn’t be easier when you shop with us, as we have options galore available – and all at competitive prices.

Trucks and trolleys for every application

We recognise that every organisation has different requirements when it comes to transporting goods on-site, so take your pick of products from our huge range of high-quality trucks and trolleys to find just the right option for your needs.

Trucks and trolleys are an invaluable tool for many organisations, providing an easy way to move items from one place to another. Ensuring you have the appropriate truck or trolley for a given task can have a profound effect on your workplace by simplifying processes and supporting the safety and comfort of your staff. As modest moving tasks are such a common activity, improving efficiency in this area can also have a dramatic and direct impact on productivity and morale.

From hand trucks, folding trucks and plastic folding box trolleys to zinc platform trucks, steel sack trucks, shelf trolleys and much more, we supply everything from small, affordable options for personal use to heavy-duty dump trucks capable of moving up to 500kg.

All of our trucks and trolleys are solidly constructed, as well as being robust and reliable. Many also incorporate innovative features, such as easy tip (which relieves muscle strain) and fold-out steps (which aid manual picking), making a broad range of specialised moving jobs even easier.

Handling heavy loads

When it comes to handling heavy loads, you need trucks and trolleys you can rely on to get the job done – and our choice of heavy-duty truck and trolley options will deliver just that.

In warehouses, there will inevitably be moving tasks that don’t require the use of machinery, but you still need to prioritise the safety of your staff for heavy lifting to avoid unnecessary injuries in the workplace. This is where our heavy-duty trucks and trolleys provide the ideal alternative for lifting and shifting heavy loads with ease and efficiency.

For medium to heavy-duty lifting, you can’t go wrong with one of our traditional hand trucks, which comes with a 100kg load capacity. For a more modern alternative, our lightweight aluminium compact folding trucks are supplied in a choice of sizes, with load capacities ranging from 50kg up to 200kg – with the added benefit of providing a collapsible trolley that can fold up into a compact shape and size when not in use.

If flexibility is a key component for transporting goods of different shapes and sizes around your warehouse, our Heavy-Duty 3-in-1 Truck combines a traditional hand truck, 45 degree barrow and flat platform truck in one handy piece of equipment. With a capacity to hold loads of up to 400kg, this loader truck can adapt to suit different loading tasks, while also saving on storage space thanks to accommodating three different types of truck in one product.

Similarly, our extending and folding trolleys with a flat loading platform provide extra flexibility if you’re moving cargo of various shapes and sizes. With a load capacity of up to 150kg, these trolleys can handle a wide range of load types and can be folded up to ensure they occupy minimal storage space.

If you need a little more weight capacity or a trolley with sides for moving loose items in bulk, don’t fret. Our robust, zinc-plated platform options can hold up to 300kg – and with an easy-to-clean zinc platform, they’re a great way to uphold cleanliness standards in busy working environments. Alternatively, our wire mesh box trolley has an impressive weight threshold of 300kg, with sturdy wire mesh walls and hinged sides to provide easy access to lower items.

Lightweight options for general use

If you’re looking for general use trucks and trolleys fully equipped to deal with lighter moving jobs, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Our folding box trolley offers a sturdy yet versatile vessel for transporting items, whether that’s stock items, books or documents. With a choice of 25kg and 35kg weight thresholds, these handy foldable trolley carts can be neatly folded up for compact storage when not in use. 

For larger loads, take a look at our wire box trolley carts made from chrome. These moving trolleys feature plastic boxes for carrying multiple items at once. The ideal accompaniment for shop floor replenishment and stock picking, they come in a choice of 3, 6, 8 and 10 tier models. Alternatively, you can up your trolley cart capacity with a wire shelf trolly. Whether you’re distributing drinks in the office with a general purpose trolley or moving large volumes of parcels in a wire mesh parcel cart, our trolleys are ideal for a broad range of industrial applications.

Reliable storage area solutions

At Action Storage, we continually strive to bring you the best in innovation and performance with each and every product – and when it comes to our trucks and trolleys, we’re confident you’ll find storage solutions you can rely on for safely and securely transporting goods.

With the option to buy your trucks and trolleys online and enjoy our free shipping to mainland UK, we aim to make your buying experience as quick, easy and affordable as possible.
Shop our complete range right now – and of course, if you have any questions about our products or want to discuss your unique needs with one of our expert advisors, you can always give us a call on 01908 525700 or send us an email.

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