Trucks and Trolleys

Choose from our huge range of high quality trucks and trolleys, including hand trucks, folding trucks, plastic box trolleys, zinc platform trucks, steel sack trucks, shelf trolleys, chrome wire trolleys, laptop trolleys and much more. We supply everything from small, affordable options for personal use to heavy duty dump trucks capable of moving up to 800kg.

All of our trucks and trolleys are solidly constructed, robust and reliable. Many also incorporate innovative features, such as easy tip, which relieves muscle strain, and fold out steps, which aid manual picking, making a whole range of specialised moving jobs even easier.

Trucks and trolleys are an invaluable tool for many organisations, providing an easy way to move items from one place to another. Ensuring that you have the right truck or trolley for a given task can have a profound effect on your workplace by simplifying processes and supporting the safety and comfort of your staff. As modest moving tasks are such a common activity, improving efficiency in this area can also have a dramatic impact on productivity and morale.

For more information on any of our trucks and trolleys, or to receive advice on your specific requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

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