Signs and Labels

Whether you’re looking to improve the navigation of your warehouse or install the correct safety signs in the workplace, our diverse selection of signs and labels has you covered.

At Action Storage, we not only provide you with a huge range of practical storage solutions, but also essential accessories like signs and labels that are the perfect companions for these storage units. This means that, whether you’re buying retail storage systems, secure lockers or security cabinets, you’ll find the right signage and labels to match.

From retail shelving labels to safety signs, with our collection, you’ll have everything you need to optimise your business operations from an efficiency and safety point of view. 

To find out more about our extensive choice of signs and labels, browse the complete range below. If you need additional help or just prefer to talk through your unique requirements in person, don’t hesitate to give our industry experts a call on 01908 525700 or send us an email to

We offer fast and secure delivery worldwide, with no charge for shipments throughout mainland UK, meaning you can have your order delivered direct to your door in no time at all.

Industrial labels for any working environment

Warehouses, stockrooms, locker areas and a whole host of other commercial and industrial storage environments can all benefit from clear labelling and signage. With our complete collection of highly visible labels and markers, you’ll find a variety of options suitable for use in almost any setting.

We provide both adhesive and magnetic varieties of everything from simple self-adhesive label strips to full-scale warehouse numbering and barcoding solutions. Our shelf edge labels and magnetic label holders are also designed to deliver maximum flexibility.

For busy stockrooms, warehouses and retail environments, take full advantage of our selection of label strips and shelf label holders, including self-adhesive and magnetic fixings. Supplied in a range of designs and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect shelf label option to meet your requirements and optimise stock visibility and organisation.

You’ll also find we supply aisle bay markers, which are the ideal addition to bolster on-site navigation and product picking operations. These highly visual markers can be attached with either self-adhesive or magnetic fixings and in 2 different width options.

We also offer a range of self-adhesive alphabetical and numerical label sheets for a versatile labelling system in a broad spectrum of settings, including factories, warehouses, offices and retail stores. Made from tough vinyl, they’re designed to be easy to apply and remove without leaving residue behind, ensuring you can quickly adapt your labelling system as and when you need to.

Across all of our products, we strive to provide you with practical, durable and long-lasting solutions – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with our signs and labels. Manufactured to a high standard, the quality of our labels, particularly when combined with the correct label holders, should also ensure that signage remains neat and orderly – even in the most demanding work environments.

Safety signs for your workplace

As well as our alphabetical and numerical labels, we also offer an extensive range of health and safety labels, signs and stickers – helping to ensure your premises is adhering to health and safety best practices.

In particular, we have a selection of industrial warehouse signs and warning labels that include high-visibility floor markers and stickers to alert staff to speed limits, forklift trucks, emergency exits, smoking prohibition and much more.

Whether you need office, warehouse, factory or shop labels that promote safety best practices, you’ll find all of our stickers are printed in easily readable fonts on well-contrasted, vibrant backgrounds to ensure the greatest possible visibility.

To discover all of the options we have available, take a look at our full range online now. If you don’t find exactly what you need for retail labels, warehouse signs, safety floor markers or anything else, don’t fret – not all of our labelling options are listed online. To find out more about our other options and to discuss your requirements in more detail, simply give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisors or send us an email at