Supershelf Garment Hanging Bays

Our Supershelf garment hanging bays are specially designed to provide high-quality storage for a diverse range of clothing in retail stockrooms and warehouses.

As well as increasing storage capacity, hanging garments up on a secure, visible shelving unit can also ensure that goods are easily identifiable and accessible – improving the efficiency and productivity of your workforce when it comes to stockroom and warehouse tasks. In turn, not only are the garments more visible, but, as the items aren’t folded on top of one another, creases and deformation in the clothing is minimised – meaning the quality of the items is retained while they’re kept in the stockroom until they reach the shop floor.

Give us a call on 01908 525700 to find out more about our high-quality range of Supershelf garment hanging bays, and you’ll be put through to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team who will help you with your shelving needs.

We’re proud to deliver throughout the UK and to a variety of locations overseas, offering a fast, reliable shipping service which, if you’re based in mainland UK, will see your order delivered for free.

Our range of Supershelf garment hanging bays will slot perfectly into a variety of diverse sectors, including:

  • Retail: Particularly popular within a retail stockroom environment, Supershelf garment hanging bays make storing large quantities of clothing easy, accessible and efficient. Available with 3 hanging shelf levels, garments can be neatly hung on the sturdy steel racking – making them particularly practical for large retail stores
  • Hospitality: Supershelf garment hanging bays are made from a hygienic zinc-steel finish – making them an ideal storage solution for housing everything from staff uniforms to customer outerwear
  • Industrial: Perfect for storing workwear such as hi-vis jackets and utility trousers after a long day of work, these shelving units will make sure that garments have a home at the end of the day – as well as providing staff members with easy access to them first thing in the morning 

Our Supershelf systems are built to last, and also come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving, as well as any damage that wasn’t caused by improper use or exceeding the specified weight limit. To go one step further in ensuring your mobile shelving system remains fully functional, we recommend having it inspected every 6 months for any signs of deterioration.

Please note: add 110mm for overall width of the starter bay and 10mm for overall width of each add-on bay.


Due to its modular construction, the Supershelf garment racking system can be easily combined with standard shelves or bin storage units to store additional items within different sections or within a single bay – allowing them to be incredibly customisable to suit retailers with a varied inventory. For example, shirts, jackets, trousers and other longer items of clothing have the potential to be hung on the upper rails, while folded knitwear and shoeboxes can be stored on the shelves below, making them highly versatile and accessible.

All modules*, including hanging rails and shelves, are adjustable in 33mm increments, allowing the units to be easily reconfigured for common seasonal or general stock changes. A choice of starter and add-on bays also means that these shelving units can be extended, reducing the costs associated with buying a whole new unit or changing facilities entirely.

Our most popular 2 and 3 tiered configurations are available online, but, depending on the size of your items, it’s also possible to add further hanging levels and additional beams. Contact us for more information, and to find a tailored solution that works for you.


Because of the easy-to-use, bolt-free features of Supershelf garment hanging bays, installing your new units is a hassle-free process that won’t take up too much of your time – meaning that you can get back to the more important day-to-day internal operations that come with running your business. If your organisation values every minute available to them, though, we also provide a professional shelving design and installation servicethat gives you back your precious time while our experts handle the shelving installation.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and our expert designers will help you to create a detailed CAD layout tailored to the specific measurements of your chosen space. After this, once the initial design has gone through any necessary edits and requested changes, your units will be in the safe hands of our professional installation team so that they can be fitted correctly.

We also offer a mobile shelving design and installation service, and you can find out more about this integrated service here.

To discuss the potential of our Supershelf garment hanging bays as a storage solution, give the Action Storage team a call on 01908 525700 – or email us at to find a bespoke solution for you.

To provide the right solution for your space, our Supershelf garment hanging bays are available in a variety of different dimensions and 3 basic hanging formats:

  • Single sided – hanging rails on 1 side only, for use against walls
  • Double sided – hanging rails on both sides, for easy access from 2 aisles (generally the most popular garment storage solution)
  • Central hanging – unlike the previous 2 options, hanging rails are centrally located so that garments are entirely contained within the bay and do not extrude into the aisle. This is ideal in smaller stockrooms or for use with mobile shelving systems

Key features:

  • A range of dimensions and bay types for any application
  • Garment rails and modules adjustable in 33mm increments*
  • Modular bays can incorporate standard shelves and bin containers to provide a comprehensive clothes storage system
  • Galvanised steel is durable, attractive and easy to maintain
  • Universal oval beams are suited to most hangers
  • Can support up to 90kg on a single rail

*Though still adjustable, central hanging bays utilise a slightly different system – get in touch for more details.

For expert assistance and bespoke solutions, speak to a member of our team, who will be able to talk you through our free design service and custom options (such as combining heights of up to 5000mm, fitted with 4 or 5 tier garment hanging levels).

Get in touch with a member of our team by calling us on 01908 525700 or emailing sales@action-storage.comtoday.

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