Supershelf Bin Shelving

Supershelf bin shelving is the perfect component for storing and organising small goods and items in a commercial stockroom, manufacturing facility or assembly environment.

Our bin shelving units are part of our celebrated range of Supershelf racking systems, with all of our Supershelf storage solutions coming with a 2-year warranty as standard. Made from a strong galvanised steel frame and complete with modular bin units mounted on a 33mm sloping pitch, the design of our bin shelving ensures clear visibility and easy access to the smaller items housed within it.

For more information about our Supershelf bin shelving, give us a call on 01908 525700 to speak to a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable member of the Action Storage team. 

We deliver across the UK and to a range of overseas locations, offering all our customers fast and reliable shipping – and if you’re based in mainland UK, your order will be delivered free of charge, as soon as the next day. 

Our collection of Supershelf bin shelving will fit perfectly into facilities of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of sectors, including:

  • Retail: Popular within commercial retail stockrooms, our Supershelf bin shelving units make storing large quantities of small goods and consumables easy and accessible. Available in 3 different height options, each shelf can hold up to 180kg worth of goods – making this shelving solution especially useful in larger industrial storerooms
  • Manufacturing: Supershelf bin shelving is right at home in a manufacturing facility where tools and goods need to be well-organised and easily accessed. These shelves provide a practical alternative to flat shelves, allowing small and loose components to be effectively stored away
  • Car mechanics: Made from strong and sturdy galvanised steel, the open structure of this shelving solution means that tools and small parts are immediately accessible, while the deep shelving compartments mean that numerous components can be stored at any one time

This Supershelf bin shelving system is an exceptionally robust, galvanised steel storage solution that can hold up to an incredible 1500kg per bay. On top of this, our bin shelving is modular in design – meaning that a single shelving unit can incorporate deep bin components alongside standard shelves or even garment hanging rails. As a result, this type of shelving is extremely versatile and offers a comprehensive storage solution for a variety of organisations with diverse inventories.

At Action Storage, we’re so confident in our range of Supershelf bin shelving that we’ll provide your new shelving unit with a 2-year warranty as standard. So, as long as the units aren’t used improperly or overloaded, we’ll cover the workmanship of these systems for 2 years after they’ve been installed.

To ensure your shelving system remains fully functional throughout this period and beyond, though, we recommend having your shelving inspected every 6 months to identify any early signs of deterioration.

Please note: add 110mm for overall width of the starter bay and 10mm for overall width of each add-on bay.


These zinc-finish steel shelving bays are easy to clean and maintain, as well as providing a far stronger and more durable storage solution than chipboard or plastic alternatives.

Because of its modular design and construction, our Supershelf bin shelving solution can be easily combined with standard flat shelves or garment hanging units to store additional items within different sections or within a single bay. So, in retail spaces where you’re looking to store shoeboxes, clothes and small accessories all in one place, this modular shelving system can be easily customised to suit the unique needs of your business.

Bins and shelves are adjustable in 33mm increments, making both small, regular stock changes and long-term business modifications an easy, stress-free task – as bins and units can simply be swapped out or moved as your needs change. With a choice of starter and add-on bays available to order, these shelving units can be extended – reducing the costs associated with buying a whole new unit.

Our most popular 2 and 3 tiered configurations are available to buy online, but, depending on the size of your items, it’s also possible to add further hanging levels and additional beams. Contact us to discuss your needs and find a solution that’s tailored to your budget and environment.


Requiring absolutely no nuts, bolts or other small and fiddly parts commonly involved in assembly, Supershelf bin shelving can be installed quickly and efficiently. However, if you’d rather get back to running your business and leave the assembly to us, we’re happy to help. At Action Storage, we’re proud to provide a professional shelving design and installation service to give you peace of mind that your new units are being put together by a dedicated team of experts.

With over 3 decades in the industry behind us, our team of design experts will help you to create a detailed CAD layout tailored to suit your facility. Once the initial design has gone through any necessary edits and amendments, your units will be left in the capable hands of our professional installation team. From arranging and unpacking the delivery at a time that works for you to securing your new shelving in line with the approved CAD layout design, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your units will be built with care and longevity in mind.

If you’re keen to learn more about our mobile shelving design and installation service, you can do that right here.

Key features:

  • Made from the remarkably durable material, galvanised steel
  • Hassle-free assembly with no nuts or bolts
  • Bins and shelves are adjustable in 33mm increments
  • Bin storage levels can accommodate up to 180kg worth of weight
  • Maximum bay loading weight of 1500kg
  • A wide range of dimensions and bay types are available for a variety of applications
  • Modular units allow standard shelves, bin containers and garment hanging to be combined for a complete storage solution

For more bin shelving options, or for extra bin modules and dividers, get in touch and speak to one of our friendly advisors on 01908 525700 or email us at with any queries at all. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 1000mm – 3 Bin Levels £135.00£153.00
  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 1600mm 5 Bin Levels £215.00£235.00
  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 2000mm x 1200mm – 3 Bin 3 Shelf Levels £170.00£203.00
  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 2000mm x 1200mm – 5 Bin 1 Shelf Levels £230.00£255.00
  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 2000mm x 900mm – 3 Bin 3 Shelf Levels £140.00£175.00
  • Supershelf Bin Shelving – 2000mm x 900mm – 5 Bin 1 Shelf Levels £184.00£210.00

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