Supershelf Archive Storage Bays

Smart, practical and robust, our range of Supershelf archive storage bays have been constructed to withstand a maximum weight of 2000kg per bay – making them an ideal shelving solution for housing archive boxes of standard size and weight specifications.

Available with or without archive boxes, these flexible shelving bays are made from galvanised steel and are professionally designed and installed by our team to suit spaces of all shapes and sizes. Used to store medical records, legal files, office documents, school archives and more, you’re guaranteed to find a practical use for our archive storage bays in your workplace – and with a 2-year warranty as standard, you can enjoy peace of mind that this shelving will be a worthwhile investment for your business or organisation.

Call the Action Storage team on 01908 525700 to find out more about our range of Supershelf archive storage bays. You’ll be put through to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss your exact requirements, so we can help you find a practical, economical solution to your storage problems.

We deliver our shelving products throughout the UK and overseas, offering a fast and reliable shipping service which, if you’re based in mainland UK, will see your order delivered absolutely free.

Our range of flexible, space-saving shelving can be used to great effect in a range of sectors, including:

  • Retail: Stockroom shelving is made easy with our flagship Supershelf archive storage bays, which can hold up to 310kg of weight per shelf to allow you stack boxes of small items neatly and efficiently. Alternatively, they can be used to house staff files and documents for companies and organisations large and small 
  • Education: Ideally suited to an educational facility where huge quantities of student and staff data need to be securely and safely stored away, this range of zinc-steel shelving allows you to choose the most appropriate dimensions for your space in order to ensure maximum economy
  • Hospitality: Due to their hygienic zinc-steel finish, Supershelf archive storage bays are easy to maintain and don’t collect dust or grime – making them a welcome addition to any office or storage unit in a hospitality environment. Whether you’re looking to house leisure centre utility products or store staff and customer files in your hotel establishment, these durable bays are sure to stand the test of time

Our Supershelf archive shelving is designed for strength and durability, with a maximum load per bay of 2000kg and 310kg per individual shelf level. The function of bolt-free assembly makes installing this unit into your facility quick and easy – minimising disruption to your business or institution in the short term.

With a choice of 3 heights and anywhere from 3-6 shelf levels available depending on your needs, Supershelf archive storage bays are one of the most versatile shelving systems available on the market. If your archive relies on non-standard boxes that differ considerably from the standard 340 width x 260 height x 410 depth measurements, get in touch with one of our expert advisors who will be able to help you find a bespoke solution tailored to your individual requirements.

Our Supershelf systems are built to last – and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve, we offer a 2-year warranty on these storage bays as standard. The warranty covers the workmanship of the shelving, alongside any damage that wasn’t caused by improper use or exceeding the weight limit on the shelves as stated in the specifications. For extra protection, though, we also recommend having your Supershelf archive storage bays inspected every 6 months, to identify any signs of deterioration early on and reduce any potential long-term costs associated with this.

Please note: add 110mm for overall width of the starter bay and 10mm for overall width of each add-on bay.


As a result of their simple, bolt-free assembly, our Supershelf archive storage bays come with a hassle-free installation process. If, however, you’d like some help from the experts, we also provide a professional shelving design and installation service to give you confidence that your new bays have been designed, manufactured, delivered and installed by experienced storage specialists.

If you choose to use our comprehensive design and installation service, our dedicated designers will help you to create a detailed CAD layout tailored to the measurements of your chosen space. After the layout we’ve designed for you has been reviewed and finalised, leave it to our expert installation team to get your new storage systems up and running. From unloading your delivery at a time that suits you to securing your new units with any necessary wall fixings, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your new archive storage bays will be built and fitted to last. 

If you’re interested in our mobile shelving and installation service, you can find out more right here.

Key features:

  • Standard dimensions: 1800mm width x 500mm depth
  • A range of heights available to help store anything from 30 to 60 archive boxes
  • Each shelf level can support 310kg (UDL), with a maximum load per bay of 2000kg
  • Galvanised zinc-steel finish is attractive and easy to clean
  • Starter and add-on bays are available to help reduce the cost of upkeep in the long run
  • Available with or without archive boxes

Looking for more information about our Supershelf archive storage bays or design and installation services? Call the Action Storage team on 01908 525700 or email to find a bespoke shelving solution for you.

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