EkoFit Hygienic Shelving

Our EkoFit range of high-density, hygienic shelving provides the perfect shelving solution for damp and corrosive environments. Boasting anodised aluminium frames and easy-to-clean, adjustable plastic shelf slats, this heavy-duty shelving is ideal for a vast array of areas – including any hygienically sensitive space, such as dry stores, walk-in cold rooms, chillers and freezers.

These plastic shelves are available in a choice of 5 widths and 2 depths. This means you can rest assured that Action Storage has a heavy-duty hygienic shelving solution fit for your needs, whatever they may be.

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Offering free delivery to mainland UK, as well as the option to ship internationally, you can be sure your plastic shelves will be delivered in a timely manner straight to your door when you shop with us.

Hygienic plastic shelves fit for multiple industries

With hygiene of the utmost importance in every sector since 2020’s global pandemic, ensuring your business is implementing best practices for cleanliness is essential. That’s where our EkoFit Hygienic Shelving range comes in.

These popular units are currently used by supermarkets, professional kitchens, restaurants, butchers, poultry shops, delis, delicatessens, cheese factories, pasta makers and pâtisseries to name just a few! Demonstrating absolute versatility, EkoFit hygienic shelving is suitable for:

  • Catering & food processing – FDA certified for direct contact with food, these heavy-duty hygienic shelving solutions provide the ideal shelving system for the catering and food processing industries. Whether it’s for use in the dry store or the freezer, these easy-to-assemble units can be effortlessly removed for cleaning, ensuring the utmost cleanliness every time
  • Healthcare – With a load-bearing structure manufactured with high-strength aluminum 20 micron anodised raw materials, these heavy-duty units are capable of withstanding the substantial loads associated with healthcare products. This makes them suitable for hospital laboratories and storerooms. And, with highly hygienic components being resistant to acids and bacteria verified by the NSF, NF, Tuv Nord GS and HACCP, you can ensure the safety of hospital employees and patients alike
  • Education – with high volumes of people gathered together day to day, schools, colleges and universities can’t afford to let hygiene standards slip. That’s why our EkoFit units are the ideal choice for the education sector for use with cleaning equipment and chemicals, canteen food storage and document storage – working to keep staff and students safe
  • Hospitality & Leisure – public-facing industries in the hospitality and leisure sector should be upholding cleanliness throughout their facilities. Part of this is ensuring storage areas for food, merchandise, cleaning equipment and hospitality supplies are well maintained with easy-clean shelving like the EkoFit units, that also boast antibacterial properties to ensure sanitary spaces for staff and consumers
  • Warehouses & Industrial – in busy industrial environments, keeping on top of hygiene can be a challenge – but not with these heavy-duty plastic shelves. With the option to wipe down or remove and fully wash these plastic shelves, keeping industrial and warehouse storage areas properly sanitised is simple and hassle-free


These robust storage units feature a strong aluminium frame with removable plastic shelves. This isn’t any ordinary plastic though – it’s made from a plastic compound moulded to deliver a strong, firm surface with high levels of resistance to basic acids and bacteria.

In terms of design specifications, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Each unit boasts a height of 1700mm with 4 adjustable plastic shelves that offer ample storage space. However, you can customise these units by choosing between the following width and depths:

  • Width options: 625mm, 925mm, 1225mm, 1525m and 1820mm
  • Depth options: 375mm and 450mm

This gives you greater flexibility, enabling you to find a unit that meets the exact requirements of your space.

We also provide two different bay options, starter bays and add ons, allowing you to expand your storage needs with ease. The starter bays feature two vertical frames to support the units, whereas add on bays only feature one vertical frame that attaches onto the starter bay support frame. This means if you invest in starter bays now and end up needing additional shelving space further down the line, we’ve got you covered – add-on bays will effortlessly join onto the existing frame and are available for each unit.

Assembly & installation

Each heavy-duty unit is easy to assemble, with a simple aluminium frame and plastic shelves that are self-supporting – meaning nothing needs to be secured to the walls or floors. All nuts and bolts are manufactured from stainless steel and are hidden within the structure to contribute to a refined steel aesthetic.

Here at Action Storage, we pride ourselves on offering first-class customer service from start to finish on every product we supply. That’s why we offer a hassle-free installation service, boasting:

  • A delivery time and date convenient for you
  • A guarantee that your delivery won’t arrive before our installation team (unless requested)
  • Secured goods delivered in protective transportation wrapping, removed from the site following offload
  • A fully CSCS certified and DBS checked installation team

This range of heavy-duty shelving systems has been accredited by:

  • NSF (The Public Health and Safety Organization)
  • NF
  • Tuv Nord GS
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)


  • Height: 1700mm
  • 2 depths: 375mm or 450mm
  • 5 widths: 625mm, 925mm, 1225mm, 1525mm or 1820mm
  • Load capacities certified by GS: 110kg to 250kg per shelf

Buy your EkoFit hygienic shelving online today or contact the team to discuss the specifics of your order, and enjoy free mainland delivery across the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about these heavy-duty shelving units, why not get in touch with one of our storage experts? You can reach us by calling 01908 525700 or dropping us on email at sales@actionstorage.com.

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