Probe Steel Lockers

The Probe steel locker range is one of the most comprehensive currently available on the market. Structurally designed to provide years of quality service, these lockers have been engineered to be durable, robust and secure.

Built for a variety of sectors, these highly practical lockers boast a range of innovative features and a customisable design that allows you to create a secure and robust locker unit for your facility.

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  • Education: Right at home in a school corridor or gym changing room, these robust lockers with built-in security features offer a highly effective solution when it comes to giving you peace of mind that personal belongings are being stored safely
  • Healthcare: Being specially constructed using renowned anti-bacterial technology ACTIVECOAT ensures that these Probe steel lockers are hygienic and protected against bacteria – making them ideal for healthcare organisations 
  • Food catering: The hygienic coating on these lockers makes them a suitable choice for food catering companies forced to comply with strict health and safety regulations
  • Retail: Built for durability and security, these sturdy lockers are particularly suitable for busy retail environments where organisation is absolutely crucial

We’re proud to design, deliver and install Probe steel locker systems made to the highest possible standards and delivering a reliable, long-term storage solution. With a fully riveted steel construction and 5 knuckle hinges on every door, you can rest assured that these lockers are built to last and more than up to the job of keeping personal belongings safe and secure. For additional security, the shelves separating the compartments can also extend between the doors to ensure that users can’t force open the compartments above or below their own.

After a heavy workout, a day’s work in the rain or an hour in the playground, lockers can provide much-needed ventilation for damp clothing and accessories. Every Probe steel locker door incorporates an air ventilation system to deliver a supply of clean air to potentially wet or dirty garments – with 2 at the top and bottom of each door on the 1-3 combination door lockers, and a single vent on the 4-6 combination door lockers. This ventilation helps to maintain a clean and comfortable storage area, and minimise smell.

On top of all that, each Probe locker features a patent ACTIVECOAT antibacterial powder coating, which prevents the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, mould, algae and more. This makes this type of locker ideal for hygiene-sensitive environments in healthcare, education, food manufacturing, processing and retail environments.


Not only are Probe steel lockers vibrant, easy to use and structurally sound, but, with so many different heights, widths, depths and door types available, they’re extremely easy to customise and transform into your own unique set of lockers.

Probe steel lockers are available in 3 widths and depths – 305mm, 380mm or 460mm – with a choice of flat or sloping tops. Made from strong, durable steel in 6 different colour options (blue, green, red, silver, white and yellow), you can also personalise each locker with one of our 5 varieties of lock (key lock/cam lock, swivel catch, coin return, coin retain or combination lock) and one of 6 compartment options (1 to 6 doors).

The number of possible combinations is endless – making it possible to find the exact solution to your storage problems. What’s more, we also supply a special range of stands specifically designed to coordinate with our probe steel lockers.

We don’t stop there, though. For those of you looking to integrate a truly unique set of lockers into your organisation or business facility, bespoke colours are also available on request. For more information, please call a member of our expert team on 01908 525700 for more details.

ACTIVECOAT, the antibacterial coating used on our Probe steel lockers, has been effectively tested against various harmful bacteria, including:

  • Aspergillus niger
  • Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA – often referred to as ‘superbug’)
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)

The key features of ACTIVECOAT on this range of Probe steel lockers include the following:

  • A 99% reduction of E. coli and MRSA ‘superbug’ versus materials that don’t have this coating
  • They have been independently tested and approved
  • 100% safe for humans to use and be in close, regular contact with
  • Effective against bacteria for the life of the coating
  • Available on all locker colour options 

Colours shown in images are representative but may not be exact:

  • Green – RAL 6018 
  • Red – RAL 3000 
  • Silver – RAL 9006 
  • White RAL 9016 
  • Yellow – RAL 1003

Probe steel lockers are designed and manufactured in the UK, conforming to BS 4680:1996 ‘Standard Duty’ (excluding size specification), ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004.

Key features:

  • Huge choice of dimensions, colours and compartment options
  • Incredible build quality, with a micro sprung disc lock, 5 knuckle hinges and welded front frame
  • Unique ACTIVECOAT antibacterial coating, reducing bacteria by 99.99% within 2 hours

If you require any more information on our range of Probe steel lockers, or you’d like specialist advice on the most appropriate personal storage solution for you, give us a call to speak to a member of the Action Storage team.

To find out more about our Probe steel lockers or chat with a member of our team about your storage requirements before you place an order, call us on 01908 525700 or email sales@action-storage.comtoday.

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