Personnel Lockers

As storage specialists, we fully understand the importance of providing staff with essential storage for their personal belongings, PPE and uniforms. This is why we offer a range of high-quality, practical solutions when it comes to choosing personnel lockers for your workplace. 

Our staff lockers provide a useful alternative storage solution to the usual locker formats. From full-height twin units offering storage options for both clean and dirty apparel, to staff and duo lockers that provide multiple storage compartments within each individual locker unit, we offer a range of practical options for various requirements – ideal for separating soiled or outdoor garments from workwear.

With a wide choice of staff lockers for sale that are built with durability, practicality and affordability in mind, you’re guaranteed to find cost-effective storage solutions for keeping staff workwear and equipment safely and securely stowed away.

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Versatile solutions for a broad range of industries

For workers in industries such as construction and the emergency services, bulky uniforms and essential personal protective equipment (PPE) often require more space to ensure they’re stored correctly and kept separate from regular clothing.

Widely used by firefighters, police and healthcare workers, as well as construction workers and staff operating in food manufacturing and processing, our staff lockers deliver versatile storage solutions that cater to your staff’s needs – all while bolstering health and safety protocol in the workplace.

This is where our diverse range of workwear lockers provides the perfect solution. With options that allow employees to organise their work and non-work attire effectively into different compartments, we’re confident you’ll find the right option for your needs when you shop with us.

Simple yet effective storage

When you’re shopping for staff lockers, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our selection of personnel lockers offer simple yet effective solutions designed to make storing staff uniforms, PPE and other essential workwear simple and effective – making sure staff are adhering to best practices when storing their work attire.

With options galore when it comes to choosing the right size and design of locker you need, you won’t need to shop anywhere else. This ensures we provide a versatile storage option for every environment, guaranteeing unrivalled practicality for professional sectors galore.

With our personnel lockers, you can enjoy these key features:

  • 1800mm height
  • Choice of 300mm or 450mm depth in certain models
  • Secure key lock system
  • Powder coated with antibacterial Germ Guard Active Technology paint
  • Strengthened and ventilated doors with rubber buffers
  • Choice of 6 colours: blue, green, grey, light blue, red and yellow
  • 1, 2 and 4-door options 
  • Multiple components within a single unit for maximum functionality
  • Space-efficient options that deliver value for money

If you need sizable workwear lockers to accommodate uniforms that take up a lot of space or require specific compartments for different items, large staff lockers like the Duo Personnel Locker are up to the challenge. With a 4-door design in either 300mm or 450mm depth, these clothes lockers come with 2 full-width upper compartments, ideal for storing hard hats and footwear, and 2 slim compartments below with coat hooks – meaning that mastering the art of organised workwear is easy.

Alternatively, you can keep things simple with our 1-door Personnel Clean & Dirty clothes lockers, which feature 2 separate compartments on the bottom and 1 top shelf for keeping used PPE or workwear separate from regular clothes. Measuring 450mm x 450mm, these offer an equally spacious yet cost-effective alternative to the Duo Personnel Locker.

When floor space is a concern, don’t fret. Our space-efficient Personnel Twin Lockers provide double the storage capacity for very little extra floor space. Supplied with either 300mm or 450mm depths, these sturdy 2-person garment lockers feature 2 separate lockable doors with a full-length compartment that includes a coat hook for keeping clothing off the floor.

Alternatively, our 1-door Personnel Staff Lockers feature multiple compartments. These include a slim compartment for hanging longer items, a slim compartment with 4 cubby holes, and 1 full-width overhead shelf – making them the perfect option for separating equipment such as PPE or soiled garments.

Putting safety and hygiene first

At Action Storage, we want to make sure you’re investing in high-quality storage solutions that are made to last, so you’ll find all our personnel lockers are manufactured from hard-wearing, sturdy steel – designed to deliver industrial strength storage able to withstand the rigours of daily use.

We also recognise that safety and security are a key priority for every workplace, which is why each locker is secured with a key/cam lock for assured protection, with 2 extra thick keys supplied per unit. This means you can rest assured that, whether you’re hanging your uniform in a tall component ready for your next shift or hiding away personal belongings in the smaller compartment above, your possessions are safe and sound.

When it comes to hygiene, as we mentioned in our key features, all staff lockers are powder coated with an antimicrobial paint. Scientifically proven to provide long-lasting and effective protection against bacteria, mould and fungi, this high-quality finish minimises material degradation and staining – meaning our personnel lockers are not only practical but durable, too. 

Whether you need construction lockers for storing on-site PPE or standard uniform lockers for manufacturing environments, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need right here.

Shop our complete range of staff lockers online right now. If you have more specific requirements and want to find out whether Action Storage can help you find the right storage solution for your space, simply call us on 01908 525700 or send us an email to to discuss your personnel locker options with an expert.

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