Atlas Steel Lockers

Meet our Atlas steel locker range: the sturdy, customisable answer to secure metal storage for businesses, schools and more in the UK and beyond.

Boasting state-of-the-art design at competitive prices, these highly practical metal lockers are packed with innovative features that make security concerns a thing of the past. And thanks to our three-year warranty, this is state-of-the-art locker design you can count on for years to come.

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We deliver throughout the UK and overseas, offering fast, reliable shipping that could see your order delivered as soon as the very next day. And if you’re based in mainland UK, delivery will be absolutely free.

Our Atlas steel range is right at home in a diverse range of sectors, including:

  • Retail: Staff storage can be simple, streamlined and totally secure with the introduction of our sturdy, multipurpose lockers
  • Education: Durable and vandal-proof, these metal storage lockers are a welcome addition to any school or college campus
  • Healthcare: The antibacterial coating on our Atlas steel lockers makes them ideal for healthcare organisations, from private practices to large NHS hospitals
  • Catering: This same hygienic finish means food service companies can adhere to strict health and safety standards in their kitchens
  • Leisure: From public swimming pools to private gyms, these lockers are the perfect safe storage solution for dry changing rooms

Premium quality without premium prices

The costs associated with upgrading on-site security can really escalate, whether in a corporate office, on school premises, in a company staff room, public changing room or anywhere else. Thankfully, our competitively priced Atlas steel range means investing in new storage lockers won’t have to break the bank.

The even better news is that, unlike other affordable lockers, quality doesn’t come at the cost of sky-high prices when you buy Atlas steel. Every door of these sturdy metal lockers has a full reinforcement bar, along with metal corner stiffeners – making them strong and durable, and helping them to avoid being bent or compromised in any other way. Put simply, you can count on secure, reliable storage in the long term thanks to these heavy-duty lockers.

What’s more, sitting behind each door is an internal four-way frame, preventing the doors from being pushed inwards – boosting security as well as reducing the risk of vandalism.

Customisation options galore

On top of being super-strong, the sleek, modern design of our Atlas steel range, along with a choice of bold, bright door colour options, mean these metal lockers will instantly bring an environment to life – from schools and offices to gyms and many more.

These multipurpose security lockers also come in a choice of 3 heights, 2 widths and 2 popular depths – and can come fitted with key locks, padlockable swivel catches or combination locks. This way, you can find your ultimate storage solution for sale in our wide range.

Find out more about the different types of lock available >

And there’s more – to help you stay organised, each door has a moulded inset section for number plates (58mm x 28mm), and accessories such as stands and sloping tops are also available to buy for a completely secure, vandal-proof storage solution.

No-fuss installation and maintenance

Installation is quick and stress-free thanks to pre-drilled nesting holes, meaning you could be using your steel storage lockers in no time at all. The lockers are also very easy to maintain, featuring a unique quick-change door system, using a locating pin – which means damaged doors can be changed with only a soft mallet.

Last but not least, an antibacterial paint finish also helps to keep these metal lockers hygienic, and all models except for the 6-door option come with louvered doors for proper ventilation.

Other key features

Our Atlas steel lockers are stocked in our centrally located warehouse, making next day dispatch and speedy UK delivery a piece of cake.

Key features:

  • All-steel heavy-duty construction, with reinforced doors and a tough, powder-coated finish
  • Paint finish comes with antibacterial properties, bringing welcome hygiene benefits
  • A wide range of dimensions and colours are available
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery at incredible prices
  • Whether you’re looking for 2, 4 or even 6-door storage lockers, we’ve got the solution for you

Our comprehensive three-year warranty covers the workmanship of the locker and anything that goes beyond standard wear and tear. Accidental damage isn’t included but it’s easy to fit new doors if necessary. Locks, on the other hand, come with their own separate warranty of two years.

If you need any more information on our Atlas steel locker range, or you’d like some advice on the best storage solution for you, give us a call to speak to one of our expert advisers today.

Atlas steel lockers are a state-of-the-art range from Action Storage, offering hard-wearing metal lockers directly from stock at highly competitive prices.

The lockers are supplied with an anti-bacterial paint finish, Grey Carcass (RAL 7035) and a choice of door colours:

  • Blue doors (RAL 5017)
  • Red doors (RAL 3020)
  • Light grey doors (RAL 7035)
  • Green doors (RAL 6005) – 300mm wide only
  • Yellow doors (RAL 1003) – 300mm wide only

Lockers are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 door versions, and can be fitted with either a key/cam lock or a swivel catch. Screw-together construction also means there aren’t any weak points between the riveted sections – and you’ll find each locker comes with fixing holes so it can be quickly and easily secured to the wall and to surrounding lockers.

The 3000 differ keys that come with our Atlas steel lockers exceed the 2000 differs offered on traditional lockers – and keys are cut on both sides to improve their strength.

Doors can also be removed from unlocked lockers, making it easy to replace dented and scratched doors at any time.

Find out more the range of heavy-duty Atlas steel lockers we have for sale or chat with a member of our team about your storage requirements before you place an order. Call us on 01908 525700 or email sales@action-storage.comtoday.

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  • Atlas Locker – 1372mm x 300mm x 380mm – 3 Door £84.00
  • Atlas Locker – 1372mm x 300mm x 450mm – 3 Door £91.00£132.00
  • Atlas Locker – 1800mm x 300mm x 300mm £66.00£267.00
  • Atlas Locker – 1800mm x 300mm x 450mm £78.00£275.00
  • Atlas Locker – 1800mm x 450mm x 450mm £96.00£233.00
  • Atlas Locker – 943mm x 300mm x 380mm – 2 Door £79.00
  • Atlas Locker – 943mm x 300mm x 450mm – 2 Door £82.00

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