Locker Accessories

Discover our range of locker accessories designed to complement and enhance the functionality of our storage lockers, including options crafted specifically for our popular eXtreme plastic lockers, steel Atlas lockers and Probe lockers. Accessories such as sloping tops and stands can greatly improve the utility of lockers; for example, sloping tops can entirely prevent rubbish from being deposited on top of lockers, and stands leave the underside of lockers accessible, allowing cleaners to easily keep locker areas tidy.

 Our accessories include:

Sloping tops: Prevent rubbish from being left on top of standard flat top lockers, which makes tidying locker areas much easier.

Locker stands: Ideal for locker areas where floors need frequent cleaning – plastic stands are resistant to salts, grease and acids, and are suitable for outdoor use. Particularly useful in hygiene sensitive environments, such as food production plants, and can even be a regulatory requirement.

Seats: Lightweight yet strong seats which can be washed down simply. The perfect addition to changing rooms as they allow users to change comfortably.

Padlocks: 6mm shackle padlocks to suit our swivel catch lock lockers.

If you need any more information on our locker accessories, or you would like advice on your specific locker combination or requirements, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert advisers.

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