Key Storage

At Action Storage, we realise that every aspect of your business’s storage is important, which includes providing solutions for safe and secure key storage. Whether you’re managing a warehouse, retail store or hotel, we have a range of key safe options designed to meet your needs.

Our diverse range of key cabinets cater for a broad spectrum of sectors and are available in a variety of sizes and designs, providing you with an effective solution when it comes to best practice key management.

Get a better handle on key management

Using our key cabinets systems within your business allows you to ensure effective key management, safeguarding against lost or stolen keys – making them an essential part of any complete security strategy.

Whether you’re controlling a handful of keys or hundreds at a time, with the ability to clearly label keys and keep them organised, you’ll have a complete overview of key usage at all times. From storing spare keys for staff lockers to safeguarding guests’ lost keys, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal solution right here.

Secure key safe lockers you can rely on

When it comes to the security of your facility, we understand that you need key storage systems you can trust – and with our range of key control cabinets, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Each of our key storage units is designed to deliver a robust and reliable box to optimise key control, depending on your needs.

Including everything from small 20-key units made for on-site and domestic applications to heavy-duty 200-key vaults suitable for high-security industrial and commercial settings, we have it all. All of our key storage systems are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards to help you defend against theft and provide extraordinary durability.

Versatile key safes to suit every business

Keeping your business’s keys secure prevents unnecessary and costly disruptions, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Whether your business is stationed in a bustling warehouse, factory or office, key cabinets can also help you to maintain a safe working environment by limiting access to certain areas, equipment or machinery.

When it comes to low-security applications such as offices, restaurants and small retail stores, our Keystor key control cabinets deliver an affordable, light-duty key storage solution. These sturdy key lock boxes are supplied in 6 different sizes, able to hold 20, 30, 42, 48, 64 or 100 keys.

With rows of hook bars on both sides, keys can be categorised and colour-coded to ensure they’re stored correctly – making sure keys are easy to locate when access is required. Featuring a secure lock accessed from the outside, you can have complete peace of mind that keys are safely locked away.

For greater flexibility, take a look at our System key control cabinets. Featuring adjustable hook bars, these key boxes allow you to store keys in a variety of different lengths, as well as accommodating bunches of keys thanks to their 140mm depth – giving you all the space you need for effective key storage.

Available in 5 different sizes, these key safe boxes can hold 20, 48, 100, 150 or 200 keys and come equipped with a robust locking system. With a corrosion-resistant outer shell, these key storage units can be mounted on a wall internally or externally – providing the perfect way to store spare keys outside your home or office, or limit access to vehicles and machinery in industrial settings.

Finally, for high security applications, our heavy-duty key vaults are specifically designed to deliver a high-performance key holder. Constructed from 2.5mm fabricated steel with a flush closing door, which provides twice the strength of standard key cabinets, they’re primed for maintaining high levels of security in large-scale facilities. They even come with removable hinge pins, so you can quickly and easily upgrade the door front as and when you need to.

When it comes to mounting these heavy-duty key holders, they’re suited for walls inside and outside – as their flush door design helps to keep the elements out. These key lockers are available to buy with the capacity to store 30, 48, 100 or 200 keys in a standard size or 48 or 100 keys with a deeper 1400mm shell – ideal if you need key safes that can accommodate bulky sets of keys.

Affordable, practical solutions

When it comes to practical, affordable and reliable key storage solutions, we’re always here to help. Offering a diverse range of storage options designed to help you bolster your key management and site security, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need right here.

Shop our complete range of key cabinets online right now and order yours to be delivered direct to your door – we even offer free delivery to mainland UK, helping you to save more when you shop with Action Storage. 
Of course, if you need any more information on any of our key storage units, or you’d like advice on which cabinet would best suit your unique storage and security needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch now. Give us a call on 01908 525700 to speak to one of our specialist advisors or email us at

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