Here at Action Storage, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality storage solutions at competitive prices – ensuring you find a cost-effective solution your business can always rely on. Whether you need industrial storage cabinets for hazardous items or an appropriate cupboard for keeping the office first aid kit, we have you covered.

Our cabinets are perfect for offices, schools, hospitals, commercial or industrial environments. With everything from glass and mesh door cupboards to security and COSHH cupboards, our robust storage units, all with a choice of door and shelving options, provide a secure way to store your valuable, sensitive or hazardous items.

We supply hazardous storage cupboards capable of handling a wide range of substances including:

Within this range, we feature a collection of cupboards and cabinets suitable for storing tools, equipment, hazardous substances, cleaning materials, personal belongings, garments, folders and stationery, as well as cupboards with a hygienic powder coating for storing first aid kits. We’re confident that, whatever your storage needs are, we can find just the right solution to suit your business’s unique requirements.

High-quality cabinets for all environments

With quality at the forefront of everything we do, you can rest assured that all of our cabinets are built to the highest standards and are designed with durability in mind. Most are also available in a variety of colours and dimensions to ensure you find a practical and attractive solution, whatever the setting.

Our cabinets are perfect for offices, schools and hospitals, and numerous other commercial and industrial environments. With everything from glass and mesh door cupboards to security and COSHH cupboards, our robust storage units – all with a choice of door and shelving options – provide a secure way to store your valuable, sensitive or hazardous items. 

Safe handling for hazardous chemicals

Ensuring your company complies with the latest health and safety legislation is a legal obligation and, when it comes to the use of chemicals in the workplace, taking the appropriate steps to securely store these materials is essential. This is why we supply hazardous storage cupboards capable of handling a wide range of substances, including:

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Pesticides
  • Oils
  • Flammable liquids
  • Non-combustible chemicals
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Dangerous goods
  • Any general chemical storage

To make sure any dangerous materials or flammable liquids are stored correctly, why not invest in one of our COSHH storage cupboards, which meet the high demands of COSHH regulations for chemical storage? Manufactured from galvanised steel, these sturdy storage cupboards come with shelves and a secure tamper-proof lock, and are perfect for storing general chemicals. Stocked in a wide variety of dimensions, from 700mm x 350mm up to 1800mm x 1200mm, there are lockers to suit every purpose.

We also supply bright yellow hazardous substance and chemical cabinets that can be placed in working environments where chemicals are used to improve the overall safety for staff in line with COSHH regulations. The bright colour and warning labels mean employees can instantly recognise the potential dangers when working close by, and will provide a suitable place to ensure substances are stored correctly and only accessible by authorised personnel. 

Alternatively, if you’re handling caustic liquids, our acid and alkali cupboards are up to the job of securely locking away chemicals and ensuring they’re easily identifiable thanks to a visible warning label on the front door. We also stock industrial pesticide and agrochemical cupboards specifically designed for use in agricultural settings. Emblazoned with a warning sign and featuring small, breathable vents, these galvanised steel, pest-proof lockers will ensure pesticides and agrochemicals are locked away until they’re needed.

Prioritising health and safety

We also stock a selection of hygienic first aid storage cupboards specifically designed for locking up first aid equipment. Finished with a powder coating in the form of a white Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial paint, you can enjoy peace of mind that your medical supplies will be stowed away uncontaminated in one of these custom-designed cabinets. Better yet, any spillages can easily be cleaned up and disinfected without affecting the integrity of the paintwork.

Featuring an instantly recognisable green cross symbol, these storage cabinets are equipped with a 2-point locking system for added security, while adjustable galvanised shelves allow you to customise the internal storage to suit your needs. Whether you need a small cabinet or a large storage cupboard, we’re sure you’ll find everything you need to prioritise the health and wellbeing of employees in your workplace.

Putting security first

Storage is essential to consider in all parts of life, both at home and in the workplace. When you’re in a business environment, though, it’s important to think a little deeper than regular shelves or other simple storage solutions – storage cupboards, security cabinets, safes and other high-security storage devices are often required, and should never be overlooked if you want to run a secure and efficient workplace.

Security is always an important consideration, but this is truer still in a business setting. If you’re in a huge office building, you want to be confident that your belongings are properly secured. There’s also the need to secure important business documents and other sensitive information – again, heavy-duty security cabinets or safes will be vital and will give you added confidence that everything’s as it should be.

Storage cabinets provide valuable storage space for a whole range of products and can be used in a diverse range of industries. Metal fire-resistant storage cupboards are also available, leaving you confident that you’re totally protected against anything that could happen.

To meet these needs, our choice of storage options for use in a multitude of working environments, such as offices, factories, schools and hospitals, are the ideal solution. These include our wardrobe cupboards, utility cupboards and security cupboards, which all feature a secure locking mechanism and are supplied in an array of colours and dimensions. Whether you’re looking to store cleaning equipment, documents, PPE, staff uniforms or stationery, each of these options will provide a safe and secure container.

Secure storage cabinets available today

At Action Storage, we continually strive to meet your needs as our valued customers, so all of our storage cupboards are available to order online today. Offering fast and free delivery to businesses in mainland UK, we’ll make sure you not only receive high-quality storage solutions, but the highest level of customer service, too.

We understand that every business has its own unique storage needs. If you require any more information on our product range, or you would like to discuss your specific requirements with a storage specialist, give us a call on 01908 525700 today. One of our expert advisers will be happy to help and will work to find just the right storage solution for your business.

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