Supershelf Warehouse Shelving for Budget Greeting Cards

5th August 2015

“Once again, Action Storage’s performance cannot be faulted: they supplied all items on or before the promised dates, playing a big part in enabling the warehouse to open 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Due to their reliable, professional, can-do attitude, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” – Richard Lee, Senior Projects Manager

Budget Greeting Cards Ltd. is the UK’s largest wholesale supplier of greeting cards, gift wrap and partyware. Starting out as a newsagents in the late 1970s, they have since grown enormously to include 7 cash and carry warehouses across the country. These walk-in warehouses are critical to the ethos of BGC’s trade-only model, allowing the business to operate without any retail outlets of its own, which in turn reduces competition for their customers.

The Challenge

BGC approached us to supply warehouse shelving for their 8th cash and carry site in Dunstable. This brand new 83,000 square foot facility would be the company’s first in the South East, containing kilometres of racking for greeting cards, gifts, costumes and a vast range of other products.

With such a wide variety of goods on offer, BGC required an adaptable shelving system that could be configured to provide maximum storage capacity to items of many different weights and dimensions. On top of this, BGC’s in-house design department, BGC Studios, ensures that the company’s product range is constantly refreshed, so the shelving needed to be easily reconfigurable to account for future stock changes.

Although we do offer our own installation service, BGC were happy to install the shelving themselves to ensure fine control over the entire project. The shelving had to be delivered in good time so that deadlines could be kept, but there were concerns that if hundreds of metres of shelving were delivered at once, it might disrupt the wider operation.

Finally, with such a large quantity of racking to install, all of these requirements needed to be met at a competitive price.

The Process

We understand the enormous benefits that long term relationships can provide, and we have therefore worked hard to develop a partnership with BGC over the past 15 years. Our experience delivering storage solutions to their other sites across the UK and Ireland meant that we could quickly identify the unique challenges they faced.

Armed with an understanding of BGC’s requirements, we knew our own Supershelf™ steel shelving system was the perfect solution for their latest warehouse. The modular construction of each unit means that Supershelf™ shelving is unbeatably adaptable, capable of storing a variety of different items, including greeting cards, gifts, costumes and partyware, within a single bay or in long runs with multiple configurations.

Our expert design team went to work immediately to craft a tailor-made layout that would maximise the available storage space. Two different shelf depths were selected in combination with two different crossbeam thicknesses, which allows light items to be stored cost-effectively while bulkier, boxed items are packed densely in stronger units. An entirely bolt-free assembly would also ensure a quick and hassle-free installation and allow BGC to adjust their shelving with ease to accommodate stock changes.

Organising a large scale warehouse or stockroom fit out is a complex process that requires careful preparation. A supplier that cannot align itself with your schedule can cause severe issues. We pride ourselves on flexibility, making our services available whenever they are most convenient to your project. In this case, we arranged a series of deliveries to provide BGC with the appropriate shelving as they progressed through the building.

The Result

Altogether, BGC were extremely pleased with both our shelving and service. Our own centrally located warehouse, where many of our products are kept in stock, helped to ensure consistent and timely deliveries, and this seamless integration with BGC’s schedule meant that the warehouse was able to open 3 weeks early. The shelving itself functions perfectly and the zinc finish looks great – an essential factor in any cash and carry environment.

What’s more, the intelligent layout crafted by our designers, which combines a number of different shelving configurations, meant that all of this was achieved at a remarkable price.

State-of-the-art Supershelf™ shelving will ensure BGC’s warehouse runs efficiently long into the future, smoothing their customers’ journey and further separating them from the competition. Most importantly, a customisable storage area will also enable BGC’s warehouse to grow and adapt alongside their business.



Thank you for the long time support BGC, we hope you’ll make great use of our shelving system!

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