Plastic Lockers vs. Metal Lockers: Finding the Storage Solution for You

15th July 2017

Versatile and practical, lockers can provide a place for staff, visitors or students to securely store possessions during the working day – and whether this is in an educational environment or a busy gym, the main purpose of a locker is to provide a space for users to store their personal belongings.

When you’re searching for a secure storage solution, the many benefits of both plastic lockers and metal lockers can mean it’s difficult to know what’s the best storage solution for your environment. Both locker types have distinct benefits, but in today’s post, we’ll be looking into the key advantages of each – so that you can make an informed decision and select the right fit for your organisation.

Plastic lockers

Action Storage’s eXtreme plastic lockers are an ideal choice for outdoor use, thanks to their water-resistant construction – making them the ultimate storage solution when indoor space simply isn’t available. They’re also highly practical, eye-catching and durable, making them an ideal choice for anyone on the hunt for an on-brand fit or a colourful style for younger students. New innovations in plastic manufacturing have made this locker type undeniably tough, highly weather-resistant and innately hygienic. Because of their hygienic qualities, our plastic lockers are particularly suited to a gym, swimming pool or outdoor environment.

A robust, highly vandal-resistant construction enables these lockers to work effectively when installed outside – where they can stave off corrosion and remain secure when faced with intentional damage. Rust-free plastic and in-built drainage holes also allow them to be fully hosed down – making these plastic lockers ideal for an end-of-summer deep clean or for frequent washes in an outdoor area where they’re in regular use.

In addition, the eXtreme range of plastic lockers is modular, offering greater flexibility across a number of different environments, as they can be moved and installed with relative ease. High-traffic environments, such as school corridors, would benefit from the maximum 90-degree door-opening angle that allows side-by-side lockers to be opened simultaneously – and with a super-strong plastic hinge capable of withstanding 240kg of impact, these locker doors can withstand a substantial level of force. In terms of design, these lockers come in a broad spectrum of colours. Red, yellow, blue and green doors are all on offer, so your institution can benefit from lockers that match its identity.

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Metal lockers

Our metal storage lockers are unrivalled in their provision of security and protection. Packed with innovative features that provide outstanding durability, toughness and anti-vandal resistance, our Atlas steel lockers are built to provide steadfast protection and longevity. Behind the door, a full height reinforcement bar and metal corner stiffeners are integrated for unparalleled strength and additional rigidity.

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Combined with an internal four-way frame that prevents the door being pushed inwards, these lockers are extremely resistant to interference or tampering – which means they’re exceptionally safe too. Given their remarkably robust and secure nature, metal lockers are perfectly suited to warehouse environments or public areas that may be more susceptible to vandals. For organisation, a moulded inset section can be fitted with number plates, while other accessories like stands and sloping tops can be installed at request to keep possessions tidy – making these lockers ideal for office spaces.

The paint finish on our metal storage lockers has antibacterial properties, and aside from the 6-door, all models benefit from louvered doors for ventilation – which is why these lockers are also suited to medical environments where they can be used by staff members or patients. The Atlas steel lockers come in a practical variety of widths, heights and colour options – and, combined with their strength, they could be used in busy office or secondary school environments for a long-lasting storage solution that is virtually impenetrable to vandalism.

Of course, when it comes to our plastic and metal lockers, both can be fitted with a range of locking mechanisms – including key, coin return or swivel catch – making either of them customisable to suit your individual needs. We use high quality materials to ensure all of our lockers are long-lasting and innately tough – so you can have peace of mind that possessions will be kept safe, whichever option you choose.

If you’re still deciding which locker type will be most suitable for your institution, or have questions about any of our lockers, get in touch today. A friendly member of the Action Storage team will be happy to offer expert advice and guidance – helping you find the storage solution that best suits you.