Newly Refurbished Newcastle High School Chooses eXtreme

27th March 2017

“The installation team were very accommodating of the fact that the canopy installation was not as per design and that the locker layout needed to be revised to suit.” – John Crosby, Director of Finance and Operations

Newcastle High School for Girls is one of the country’s leading independent girls’ schools, formed from the merger of Central Newcastle High School and Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School in 2014. The school is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a network of 24 leading independent schools and two academies that educate 20,000 students from ages 3-18.

Both the trust and headteachers are determined to develop a modern learning environment that inspires their female students with the confidence and capacity to thrive in the 21st Century. As part of that commitment, the GDST began a multi-million pound refurbishment project on the high school’s senior facilities in 2015.

The result is impressive: a complete remodelling of their main red brick Victorian building and an all new three storey complex, with state-of-the-art theatre, dining area, classrooms and a suite of laboratories. There’s even a beautiful rooftop terrace for outdoor teaching.

The Challenge

 Newcastle High School for Girls approached us in September 2015, as early preparation work was going ahead on their new facilities. An outdoor locker area had been outlined in the architect’s plans from the beginning, so the school knew they required 800 lockers – one for every student.

With the lockers located outside, the units clearly needed to be weatherproof, but security and durability were also a concern. In addition, the leadership team were keen to craft a new identity for their recently merged school. As part of that process, they settled on a bold teal as the new school colour, which features prominently on uniforms and throughout the premises. Our lockers needed to fit this new identity.

The Process

 After careful consideration of the school’s requirements, our storage experts knew that our very own eXtreme Plastic Lockers were the perfect solution. eXtreme Lockers are some of the highest quality lockers available today, with an extraordinarily durable and weatherproof polyethylene construction.

What’s more, we’re able to manufacture completely bespoke colour configurations, both for the doors and locker body. Supplying Newcastle High School for Girls with lockers in their stunning new school colours was therefore no problem at all.

After finding the ideal lockers, our storage experts got to work creating a custom layout for each storage area. We offer a free survey and design service for larger projects, so this came at no extra cost to the school. The service ensured that the school maximised storage space, delivering lockers in the right configuration for every age group.

Newcastle High School for Girls locker delivery in the sports hall
Newcastle High School for Girls locker construction site

Throughout the process, we overcame a number of installation hurdles. A last minute redesign of the locker canopy meant that our original quote and layout was no longer suitable. Meanwhile, a major floor slope prevented a standard locker installation.

With experience on 1000s of projects internationally, we’re used to the setbacks that can happen on the day. Our storage experts went straight back to the drawing board, crafting a brand new design to suit the altered canopies and inventing an entirely new staggered stand height system to accommodate the sloping floor – all at no extra cost.

The Result

 The result is a beautiful and expansive new student storage area that effortlessly fits the wider school refurbishment. John Crosby, the school’s Director of Finance and Operations, was very pleased with the result, awarding us five stars for both the quality of our products and the service we provided.

Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers are installed under protective canopies in a number of convenient outdoor sites, providing easy access for pupils of any age. The children can now store belongings quickly and easily between classes, saving time and energy while reducing lost property.

We hope our lockers make a real difference to the lives of each young student, helping them stay organised and prepare for the school day. We also hope they play a role in the smooth running of the school, making the management of personal items and daily school essentials that little bit easier, while stunning parents and inspectors.

Newcastle High School for Girls eXtreme Lockers next to a bike shelter

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