How Action Storage Shelving Can Be Used to Store Retail Stock More Efficiently

20th November 2017

In today’s economy, with inflation rates soaring and consumers looking for better deals, retailers need to become more competitive if they want to bring in more customers and grow their businesses. One of the best ways to do this is through effective marketing. Advertising your business lets customers know who you are and what you have to offer. It can be expensive and, in many cases, hit or miss, but effective marketing techniques can generate incredible results when done properly.

Once you have those extra customers that your hard work and marketing efforts have brought in, you have to be able to take care of their needs. This includes providing quality products, friendly service and having enough products in stock and easily accessible.

But what if you have a small stock room and don’t have room to store retail stock efficiently? Without the additional stock, you could lose those customers you worked so hard to get. How can you keep the extra retail stock you need without compromising floor space in your stock room?

Shelving Solutions from Action Storage

The solution is simple: retail shelving units from Action Storage. Your retail stock will be stored neatly making it easy to access during busy retail times and the shelving will enable you to carry more back stock to accommodate your customers’ needs. This is especially important during the upcoming holiday sales season when many UK retailers sell more products in two months, than they do the rest of the year combined.

Action Storage’s full line of Supershelf storage solutions are perfect for the small to medium retailer trying to maximise their available space. From Supershelf Shelving Bays, Supershelf Shoebox Storage Bays and Supershelf Garment Hanging Bays, to Supershelf Bin Shelving, EkoFit Heavy Duty Hygienic Shelving and Heavy-Duty Chipboard Shelving, Action Storage has a shelving solution to suit the needs of any size business in any market.

If you want to store more retail stock without adding more space, use the space you already have and contact Action Storage today!