Nurse storing belongings in an eXtreme plastic hospital locker

Healthcare in Focus: Storage Matters for Medical Centres

4th May 2020

As Covid-19 continues to devastate the NHS operationally, emotionally and on every other conceivable level, healthcare centres and their staff are being pushed to near breaking point. Outside of the public sector, the ongoing national lockdown has led many businesses to close their doors for the duration – as key workers shoulder the burden that comes with providing an essential service to the people of Britain.

It’s full steam ahead at Action Storage, though, as we work round the clock to deliver vital medical storage solutions to NHS hospitals and other medical centres across the country and, indeed, the globe.

Without adequate onsite storage for essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and vital medical supplies and records, the nation’s doctors and nurses can’t work as efficiently or effectively as current events demand. That’s why we’re proud to be in service of the UK’s frontline workers, doing our small part to ensure these key players in the fight against this pandemic are locked and loaded to get the job done.

In this post, we’re exploring a handful of the healthcare sector’s primary storage needs – helping medical professionals understand how our hygienic healthcare storage solutions can provide something reliable and enduring in the midst of such widespread uncertainty in the public sector.

PPE lockers: a hygienic healthcare necessity

Personal protective equipment is at a premium right now and, as such, must be efficiently and securely stored in healthcare facilities across the country to ensure it’s accessible by all those who need it as part of the fight against the ongoing pandemic. Our range of hygienic storage lockers are made for the healthcare sector, where cleanliness is a permanent priority.

In our eXtreme plastic lockers range, you’ll find durable high-density polythene (HDPE) lockers designed for quick, easy disinfection and fitted with vandal-resistant locks to ensure the precious equipment contained therein is protected both hygienically and in the face of theft. On top of that, these lockers are also fitted with drain holes in the base, making washes with a high-pressure hose an efficient and effective cleaning solution.

Elsewhere, in our range of Atlas steel lockers, you’ll find storage systems finished with a hygienic antibacterial powder coating. As such, these lockers are right at home in areas of healthcare facilities such as medical staff changing rooms where cleanliness is a key concern.

Medical shelving units: sterile storage solutions

Healthcare centres such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and care homes house countless patients’ records as well as the vital medical equipment needed to manage patients’ conditions and, where more serious cases are concerned, provide all-important medical cures. With this in mind, these centres need ample and adequate storage to ensure everything has its place and, in the case of essential medical equipment, a home that is of the very highest hygiene standards.

In our healthcare storage range, we offer a selection of state-of-the-art shelving systems equipped with the practical properties needed to meet these stringent standards. Take our EkoFit hygienic shelving units, for example. These units are temperature-resistant, making them suitable for a diverse range of environments, and come complete with removable polythene shelf slats to take the hassle out of deep cleaning for maximum cleanliness.

Our flagship Supershelf system is also primed for the storage of medical notes and records due to its heavy-duty construction and modular design – meaning your Supershelf shelving units can be configured to adapt to the space available in your medical facility and your organisation’s unique storage needs.

Powder coated cupboards: an antibacterial essential

Beyond our core locker and shelving products, we also offer similarly hygienic heavy-duty cupboards custom-made for the healthcare sector. Our first aid cupboards are purpose-built to satisfy the requirements of medical centres, where essential equipment needs a dedicated hygienic home.

These durable steel cupboards are finished with a white Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial paint and fitted with galvanised shelves designed to retain spills and minimise cleanup. For the most efficient possible access to essential first aid kit equipment, the design of these cupboards also features recognisable first aid identification symbols – streamlining the time it takes your medical staff to find the essentials they need.

From changing rooms to supply cupboards, our medical storage solutions are designed to streamline daily operations and ensure an efficient use of space throughout the UK’s healthcare facilities and beyond.

Get in touch today to discuss your unique storage needs and the systems we can provide to tackle those challenges – from hospital lockers to medical shelving – or shop our full range of healthcare sector solutions to transform your storage and benefit from free delivery to mainland UK.