Supporting Physical Education in China with eXtreme Lockers

28th December 2016

Supporting Physical Education in China with eXtreme Lockers

On June 23, China’s State Council released the new 2016-2020 National Fitness Plan, the latest in a long line of large-scale programs to increase the health and fitness of the whole nation. This drive builds on previous initiatives, including the 1995 Outline of National Fitness Program, by encouraging ever greater numbers of the population to engage in regular physical activity.

Only a month earlier, as part of this process, the State Council issued a document to further promote physical education in schools and improve students’ physical health. The document asks for ‘joint efforts from schools, families, communities and society to guarantee at least one hour of exercise every day for every student.’

The approach shifts focus further from the old PE curriculum – away from sporting prowess and towards improving public health. According to some studies, China now has the second highest obesity rates (around 27%), coming in behind the United States (around 37%). The news has led to growing public health concerns, which the government is determined to tackle head on.

For schools across the country, boosting fitness effectively among children will require investment in new facilities. One vital part of that process is ensuring that all children can store their P.E. kit at school, avoiding the disruptions caused by cluttered classrooms or the harm caused by heavy school bags.

That’s a problem our eXtreme Plastic Lockers were carefully designed to solve. eXtreme Lockers provide plenty of storage space, with a range of dimensions to serve students of all ages. The tough polyethylene construction offers unbeatable durability and makes the units easy to clean – perfect for schools. Better still, eXtreme Lockers are weather resistant, which means they can be placed outside to save space indoors.

Ding Datao, a star sales manager in our Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Mammoth, identified the eXtreme range as the ideal solution for China’s schools, entering a number of public procurement bids across the country. Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers saw off fierce competition and met the strict bid evaluation criteria demanded by national regulations, securing large contracts in Guangdong, Guizhou and Jiangsu provinces.

This result is a major breakthrough for Shanghai Mammoth – over 7000 eXtreme Plastic Lockers are now serving children and supporting physical education across China. What’s more, winning public bids in China’s competitive business environment is a real vote of confidence from major local stakeholders in our products, pricing and service.

Looking forward, the experience and strong relationships we’ve built in China will enable us to serve more students, staff and teachers in other provinces. By supplying and installing high quality school lockers, we hope to further aid the government’s education objectives, supporting progress towards healthy, positive teaching practices throughout China’s schools.

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