Benefits of Lockers For The Healthcare Industry

31st July 2017

Benefits of Lockers For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others work very hard to keep us healthy and to help us get well when we are sick or injured. They have a very important job and, in many hospitals, you will notice that the medical team all have different coloured uniforms, or “scrubs” as many call them. Doctors might have blue scrubs with white lab coats, while lab technicians might have a different colour and nurses an entirely different colour as well. This helps staff and patients denote who is who and what medical professional can help them the most when they need it.


Since most hospitals furnish their employees with lab coats, scrubs and other uniform attire, hospital staff need high quality, durable storage lockers to store their clothes, bags and other non-work related items in. That way, they can change from the scrubs and into their own clothes before leaving work for the day. Lockers also give them the ability to store their lunches, snacks and anything else they might need to get through a busy day saving patients’ lives.


For many nurses, their lockers are their own little piece of privacy in the busy workplace. They want lockers that are big enough to store their outwear, shoes and an extra change of clothes in case they dirty the ones they are wearing. And they want to be able to add a lock to their locker to ensure their belongings are safe and secure and that no one else has access to them. Many hospitals have thousands of employees and having a sense of security for your valuables is important.


Another benefit of lockers for the healthcare industry is that not only do they give staff a place to keep their things, but they also help to keep staff lounges, breakrooms and shower areas better organised. With much less clutter, it is safer as there is less risk of slipping or tripping over a pair of shoes or an article of clothing.

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