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5 Ways Students Benefit From School Lockers

10th July 2017

With safety and security being two key assurances all schools should give to their students, it’s often surprising how many schools fail to provide a safe space for students to store their belongings. Far from simply being a ‘nice-to-have’, school lockers offer a great deal to students, teachers and parents beyond serving as a secure place for students to keep their things over the course of the school day.

With additional benefits ranging from increased independence and essential life lessons to back pain relief, in today’s post, we’ll be exploring five of the many ways students benefit from having easy access to school lockers.

1. Security

The single most important thing that lockers provide for students is security. With an increasing number of students carrying a mobile phone, tablet or even laptop, lockers for schools are more important than ever when it comes to keeping cases of theft and damage to a minimum. The added security of school lockers isn’t only beneficial to students, either, as the presence of a personal locker gives parents peace of mind that their children’s costly belongings are secure throughout the day.

Ultimately, investing in student lockers helps to prevent the unfortunate and often stressful situations that occur when expensive items go missing – so it’s well worth making the upfront investment in return for happier students, teachers and parents.

2. Independence and respect

One key lesson that school lockers teach children is the responsibility of looking after their own possessions and the importance of their belongings – a lesson which will stay with them in later life. Lockers in schools teach students to respect not only their own possessions, but also those of their peers.

When students realise the lockers that protect their own valuables are also responsible for protecting their peers’ possessions, it fosters an understanding that we each value our own belongings – and whether you’re investing in small steel lockers or lockable laptop storage, highlighting the connection between students’ belongings and the value of these items will make a lasting impression.

3. Health and safety

With research supporting the claim that heavy backpacks can cause back pain and related issues, school lockers play an important role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of students. For students carrying particularly heavy loads – including textbooks and electronic devices, on top of their everyday possessions – the strain of this collective weight can contribute to back pain and discomfort.

In an environment where students should be able to focus on their studies without distraction, physical discomfort or pain is a serious issue that can, understandably, affect attention spans. Providing learners with a personal space to stow subject-specific textbooks and heavier electronic items away when they aren’t needed marks a significant step towards lightening the load and, therefore, preventing unnecessary back pain.

4. Personalisation

With many students following a uniform dress code, it can be difficult for students to express creativity and individualism outside of the classroom. Giving students a personal area they can call their own – and allowing them to personalise it with stickers, photos and other embellishments – is one way to let their unique personality shine through. While ground rules should be laid out regarding what students can and can’t do with their lockers, giving them the freedom to add their own finishing touches may seem small but can make a big difference to their overall wellbeing – particularly for students who struggle socially.

5. Privacy

Privacy is important. Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent or professor, privacy is something we all see as valuable – but why is that? The concept of privacy creates boundaries that teach students about mutual respect, defines value in their belongings, thoughts and ideas, and builds trust by giving them access to a space that’s theirs and theirs alone. A locker plays an essential role in guaranteeing privacy by creating a place in schools where students can house their personal belongings, rather than having them out in the open.

Though security is undoubtedly the greatest benefit that comes with installing lockers for schools, the advantages and lessons learned extend far beyond matters of security. A locker provides a place where students can learn essential life lessons like trust, respect and independence – and can help them out physically and creatively, too.

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