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Founded in 1986, Action Storage Systems is dedicated to making your storage areas run smoother. We manufacture, supply and install a wide range of shelving, racking, lockers and other essentials to provide the latest and greatest storage solutions to organisations across the globe.

Over the past thirty years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses, schools and governments transform their storage spaces for the better, and we bring that wealth of experience to each new customer.

We believe that honesty, perseverance and good humour are the best way to get a job done well. Not to mention a hive of storage experts, a world-class installation team and the highest quality storage products stocked in our centrally located warehouse.

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Here’s what we can offer you:

Full Design & Installation Service

If you’re moving into new premises, or looking to upgrade your existing storage areas, our full service is a turnkey solution that includes layout design, supply and installation of unparalleled storage units. Our experts will work with you to develop a space that supports your wider objectives, whether in a warehouse, retail stockroom or school locker area.

First, you’ll take advantage of our free survey and design service. Once we understand your needs and have undertaken a thorough site survey, we’ll provide detailed CAD drawings of our proposed layout – a custom solution that’ll make the best use of the available storage space.

From there, you’ll be in the capable hands of our dedicated installation team. Fully SEIRS trained, and with experience on hundreds of mission critical builds, they’ll ensure your project is completed without hassle, on time and on budget.

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Only the Best Products Online

If you’re equipped to handle design and installation, or you’re simply looking for a one-off solution, our online store is packed full of the best storage and handling products currently available, from laptop lockers to hazardous chemical cupboards. Best of all, much of our online catalogue is held in stock for FREE UK mainland delivery within 3 to 7 working days.

Be sure to check out our own Atlas Steel LockerseXtreme Plastic Lockers and Supershelf Shelving for unique features and the very best prices.

Atlas Lockers were designed to overcome the common limitations of standard steel lockers, boosting security and durability while making management easier, with one-touch replaceable doors and lock barrels. eXtreme Plastic Lockers are the ultimate personal storage solution, built from ultra-tough, washable polyethylene plastic. eXtreme Lockers can also be placed outside, winning you back valuable indoor space.

Supershelf Shelving is a modular industrial shelving system that gives you more options than ever before. Combine flat shelves, garment hanging and bin containers all within a single shelving bay or in custom rows. Seasonal changes putting pressure on your stockroom? No problem – Supershelf units are fully adjustable, helping you maximise space throughout the year or supporting your business as it evolves and grows.

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Whether you’re considering a large-scale project or a single product, our friendly storage experts will happily provide help and advice. Use our live chat service, visit our contact page or just give us a call for instant answers to any query.

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